Frequently Asked Questions

E-commerce automation is the process of streamlining and automating various tasks involved in running an online store. This can encompass everything from product research and listing to customer service, inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping, and handling returns.
By hiring an e-commerce automation company, business owners can benefit from a team of experts who handle all aspects of their store. This not only saves time but also frees up resources that can be allocated to other important business operations. E-commerce automation provides a means of generating passive income where the business owner only needs to set up and verify their online store and grant access to the team to handle the rest.
Furthermore, e-commerce automation has the potential to enhance the overall customer experience. With streamlined processes and efficient management, customers can expect faster response times, prompt order fulfillment, and seamless shipping and delivery. Overall, e-commerce automation is a powerful tool that can help businesses stay competitive, optimize operations, and ultimately, grow and succeed in the online marketplace.
It is important to note that not all automation companies are created equally and it is crucial to carefully select the right team for your needs.
At Ecom-Genie, we provide our clients with a selection of 3 distinct stores models, all of which are 100% fully compliant to the terms of service laid out by two of the world's largest e-commerce platforms: Amazon and Walmart.


  1. The Turnkey All-In-One Service
Our most popular service by far is our Turnkey All-In-One Package, which gives you exclusive access to our entire team & operations; Amazon setup process, account manager, product research team, customer service team, listing team, returns team, fulfillment team, prep centres we use, suppliers & brands and distributors we use, softwares we use, entire streamlined systems to grow and scale, Google sheets, tracking sheets and much much more! We literally give you everything that goes into having a successful Amazon FBA business. The BEST part? You get to keep 100% of the store profits! Learn more about service here


  1. Amazon & Walmart ''Built 4 You
Wholesale is a business model that involves purchasing bulk quantities of established branded products from manufacturers, suppliers, or distributors, and reselling them to consumers through a third-party fulfillment service like Amazon. One of the primary advantages of this model is that you can sell popular branded products that are already well-known to consumers. These products, like Colgate toothpaste, Dyson vacuums, Barbie dolls, and Fisher Price toys, are already established brands that people are familiar with and buy from regularly. As a result, you don't need to invest in marketing efforts such as reviews, rankings, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, or product images and listings to get your products in front of customers. Learn more about service here


  1. Amazon Full-Service
Our Amazon Full-Service package, offers a 100% passive income store without requiring any time or effort on your part. Our Amazon Full-Service Offer functions like a fund, but we cannot refer to it as such due to legal constraints. However, the basic idea remains unchanged: our partners provide the working capital which gets pooled together with other partners to provide the buying power we need, our team then purchases products in bulk and at a discount for the store, and the profits are shared with all partners on a monthly basis. Learn more about service here
Without a doubt, the question we receive the most is why we offer our services. There are several reasons behind our decision to offer this service, so let's take a closer look.
  1. First and foremost, working capital is a significant challenge for any business, and it can be especially difficult for startups looking to scale quickly. For instance, if we were to build a store with a monthly revenue target of $10 million, we would need approximately $5 million in working capital. It's not easy to secure a credit card with those kinds of limits, and not everyone has that kind of cash lying around. To overcome this hurdle, we partner with investors who provide the working capital needed. Example, we partner with 100 clients, each bringing $50,000 in working capital, to reach the $5 million required. By doing so, we can still reach our revenue targets without using our own money. Our clients bring the working capital, and we bring our team, resources, and expertise to build a profitable store. As business partners, the more successful our clients are, the more successful we are, as we take a % of the profits generated on the store for managing everything.
  1. The second reason is related to the management of stores and the various components involved. It's more convenient for us to operate one store with over 500 partners, each contributing to the store's success and us distributing the profits among all partners. This approach is preferable to having 500 separate stores, which would require us to manage inventory purchases, user permissions, invoicing, tracking, and other activities involved in building a thriving e-commerce store. By focusing on a single store, our entire team can work together, reducing the possibility of errors since we have fewer tasks to manage.
  1. Third, our founder, Steven, is passionate about helping and giving back to people. While it may sound simple, helping others achieve their goals is the driving force behind our service. As success and wealth are achieved, the focus shifts from financial gain to finding fulfillment in making a positive impact on the lives of others. By assisting our clients in realizing their dreams of owning and operating a successful e-commerce store, we are contributing to their success and making a positive difference in their lives.
  2. Why do we offer our turnkey All-In-One package? To keep things simple, it comes down to cash flow again. I would say 85% of our clients only bring 10-40K in working capital per month for inventory. That would generate around 20K to 80K in total sales per month on Amazon and around 2K to 10K in monthly profits. If I were to split that like a traditional automation company or our Built 4 You offer, I would be making $500 to 2K per month. Instead my goal is to work with clients who have 100K+ in access for working capital. So by giving you access to my team and allowing you to keep 100% of the profits, some of you will eventually be capable of spending 100K+ per month on inventory to take your business to the next level. This is where I invite you to our exclusive program where I personally am now involved with your business, you get to work with me on a 1 to 1, you get access to exclusive brands and I will help you take your business to the next level and I take a percentage of the profits. So in term we offer our exclusive team to everyone and then for a hand selective of you, we can then offer our most precocious offer to take your business to the next level where I can see more value and profits for my time.
At Ecom-Genie, we provide the industry's most competitive profit splits. With one of our plans, you get to pocket all the profits!
  1. The Turnkey All-In-One Service
    Our top-selling package is the Turnkey All-In-One Package , where you get to retain 100% of the profits. That's correct; we won't take a cut from your earnings. Curious about how this works? Check out the section 'Why are we sharing this instead of keeping it for ourselves?' to discover how we make it possible for you to secure all the profit! No other company in the market offers such a deal.
  2. Amazon & Walmart 'Built For You' 
    We have a range of packages under our 'Built For You' model, with profit splits at either 30% or 50%. To get a clearer picture of these offerings, schedule a consultation with our experts and review our FAQ & POA video.
  3. Amazon Full-Service
    This package comes with a 50% profit sharing agreement.
All of the stores offered by Ecom-genie are fully compliant with Amazon and Walmart's policies and guidelines, ensuring that you can sell on these platforms with peace of mind. You can rest assured that your business will be around for the long term, without having to worry about potential suspensions. It's worth noting, however, that even though our services are in compliance with the terms of service, there is still a small chance that your account or our main account may get suspended due to errors or verifications from Amazon or Walmart or other issues. We strive to minimize this risk, and less than 2% of our accounts have been suspended to date. In the unlikely event that your account is suspended, our team will work diligently to appeal the suspension or refer you to a reputable third-party company that can assist you in resolving the issue. We do have a back up account ready to go for clients joining our Amazon Full-Service package.
At Ecom-genie, we prioritize safe practices and want to ensure that you can sell on these platforms for as long as possible, as this is how we generate revenue as a company.

There are three main factors that enable us to consistently make sales:

  1. We focus on selling only popular products that have a high demand and are already selling hundreds or thousands of units each month. Our team takes care of the product research aspect and ensures that we only list, buy, and sell products that have a proven track record.

  2. We compete with other sellers for the buy box, which is rotated by Amazon throughout the day to give everyone a chance to make sales. When you visit a listing on Amazon or Walmart and click on a product, you will see the 'buy now' button on the right-hand side, which is the buy box. Below the buy box, you will see 'other sellers selling this product,' which refers to other sellers selling the same product. Amazon provides these sellers with an opportunity to win the buy box throughout the day. Additionally, we use some tactics to win the buy box more frequently than our competitors, which results in more sales for our clients.

  3. Due to our exceptional buying power, we have the advantage of accessing exclusive deals and brands that are not available to other sellers. Some of the brands we collaborate with require a minimum purchase order of 1 million dollars, which is beyond the working capital of most sellers. This enables us to acquire products at excellent prices and, more significantly, sell them with little to no competition. 

For the Turnkey All-In-One package, you will be given access to your team on day 1 via email and WhatsApp. Steven will also be in the group chat to ensure everything is running smoothly.
For the Amazon & Walmart ''Built 4 You'' package, our process has been optimized for the convenience of our clients. Upon joining our company, you will receive a welcome email containing a PDF document outlining the necessary next steps. Within the email, you can contact our support line via email or phone for assistance with the PDF.
Once you have completed the PDF and submitted all required documents, we will assign you an account manager and team. The number of employees assigned to you, along with your account manager, will depend on your working capital. You may communicate with your account manager via email or request a call if necessary. We ask that you respect their time and not abuse this option by contacting them excessively, as they are busy working on your store and prefer to respond to emails.
For the Amazon Full-Service package, you will get access to your account manager, user permission to view the account and access to monthly reporting so you can see exactly what is happening with your investment and how much the store is earning monthly. 
Certainly! With any package we provide, you can operate your business seamlessly without dedicating any time or effort.
However, as previously mentioned, with some of models there are a few tasks that require your full attention at the start, such as setting up an Amazon and Walmart store, getting resale certificates and providing the team access to your store. We will provide you with a PDF guide for these tasks, which typically take a few weeks to complete. In case you need any assistance, our support team is available via email or phone to guide you through the process. Once you have completed the PDF guide, our team will take over the management of your business.
After that, you only have two responsibilities:
  1. Pay our monthly invoice, which is the % share of the profits (for the Amazon & Walmart ''Built 4 You'' package)
  2. Pay your personal taxes annually with the help of your accountant (for all 3 models)
That's it! Most of our clients spend just 1-4 hours per month on managing this business. Our aim is to handle the hard work for you, so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your life while your  business continues to earn you money.
Recognizing the substantial financial commitment and inherent risks associated with launching a business, we present an exclusive opportunity for our partners to mitigate those risks and optimize their returns. Our distinctive approach involves a performance-based offer tied to total sales, granting our team a 10-month window to achieve $100,000 in overall sales for the store. In the event this target is not met, we commit to working without compensation until your initial is fully recovered. This "free" commitment entails abstaining from profit splits starting from the tenth month until your entire investment is recouped.
Not all automation companies are created equally.  Unfortunately, most companies are created solely for the purpose of making money from the setup fee.  In 9 out of 10 cases, the owners have no experience with e-commerce and outsource all their work to a 3rd party company overseas. It is essential to conduct thorough research and due diligence before joining a company.
Here are several things that set our company apart from the competition:
  1. We are the only company that truly provides a 100% passive income in the e-commerce space
  2. We are the only company that provides a Turnkey All-In-One Package & Amazon Full-Service Package
  3. We Own Our Team (100+ Employees)
  4. Your Money Goes To The USA, Not To Someone In India/Philippines/Affiliates/Middle-Man
  5. Unbeatable Customer Service & Support (You Will NEVER Be Alone/Lost)
  6. Over 10 Years Of Track Record & Over 1 Billion In Sales For Our Private Clients
  7. *We Offer A Buy-Back Assurance On All Stores
  8. *We Guarantee A Minimum Of 100K/Month In Sales Or We Work For Free
  9. We Provide You With Multiple Stores On Amazon/Walmart's Platform
  10. All Stores We Provide Are 100% Compliant With Amazon/Walmart's TOS
  11. Our Walmart Team Has A 95% Success Rate Plus An Insider At Walmart (Competitors Have A 40% Success Rate)
  12. We Offer The Most Competitive Pricing And Profit Splits In The Market
  13. We Have Generated Over 30M+ In Profits For Our Clients
  14. We Are Transparent, Honest, And Treat Each Client Like Family.

Although we offer excellent service and provide our clients with protection through our buy-back and work-for-free offers, we cannot guarantee any results. Like any other business, there are risks involved in investing. We urge caution when dealing with anyone who promises or guarantees results.

This figure is heavily dependent on the amount of working capital you have for inventory, the age of your account and which model/store you go with. We advise our clients not to expect extraordinary results in the first 12 months. While you will make money during this time, treating this as a long-term business and having the patience to allow our team to do what we do best will increase your chances of having an excellent business.

Working capital refers to the cash or credit cards required for purchasing products.
  1. The Turnkey All-In-One = Minimum of 5K in working capital per store is necessary, which can be in the form of cash or credit cards. We do however recommend 15K+ in working capital

  2. Amazon & Walmart ''Built 4 You'' = Minimum of 5K in working capital per store is necessary, which can be in the form of cash or credit cards. We do however recommend 15K+ in working capital

  3. Amazon Full-Service = Minimum of 15K in working capital is required, in the form of cash or credit cards
It's crucial to highlight that both models don't require buying thousands of units for inventory storage, saving you from additional storage fees. Our goal is to sell all products within a 30-day window. However, the actual time it takes can vary, sometimes being longer or shorter.
Should you have more working capital at your disposal, your store stands the chance to expand on a grander scale.
In our business, managing expectations is crucial for maintaining good relationships with our clients and delivering quality services. Setting wrong expectations can lead to problems, tensions, and issues between both parties. Below is what you can generally expect from us, although we cannot guarantee everything will go exactly according to plan due to possible unforeseen circumstances.
1. The Turnkey All-In-One
  1. Once you join you will be introduced to your team via a WhatsApp group chat.
  2. Your team will provide you the next steps in terms of getting started which will consist of a PDF with 5 easy steps to complete.
  3. On average, completing these five steps takes our clients a few weeks. The faster you complete them, the sooner our team can start generating sales for you.
  4. After you submit your documents, your team will review everything and prepare your store.
  5. You will work closely with your team in terms of letting them know your budget and access to working capital.
  6. Your team will let you know if they require anything else and sales will start.
  7. From month 1 to 6, they will focus on growing your sales. However, they must be cautious not to grow too fast during this period, as it could lead to account suspension from Amazon or Walmart. They aim for sales under 10K per month in the first few months.
  8. By month 6 going into month 7, they will be able to start scaling your store based on your working capital.
  9. From month 7 to 12, you can expect to see sales between 50K to 100K per month, provided you have the necessary working capital.
  10. Beyond month 12, they can further scale up and achieve even higher sales numbers.
2. Amazon & Walmart ''Built 4 You''
  1. When you join our company, you will receive a welcome email containing a PDF with five steps for you to complete.
  2. On average, completing these five steps takes our clients one to two months. The faster you complete them, the sooner our team can start generating sales for you.
  3. After you submit your documents, our team will need two weeks to review and prepare your store.
  4. Once the two weeks are over, your store will be launched with a limited number of products.
  5. From month 4 to 6, we will focus on growing your sales. However, we must be cautious not to grow too fast during this period, as it could lead to account suspension from Amazon or Walmart. We aim for sales under 10K per month in the first six months.
  6. By month 6 going into month 7, we will be able to start scaling your store based on your working capital.
  7. From month 7 to 12, you can expect to see sales between 50K to 100K per month, provided you have the necessary working capital.
  8. Beyond month 12, we can further scale up and achieve even higher sales numbers.
3. Amazon Full-Service 
  1. Sign Agreement and Wire in Partnership Funds (Payment Receipt Will Be Sent)
  2. Send In Your Working Capital Funds + Complete A Quick Google Sheet (1 day)
  3. We Purchase Inventory & Send To Our Store (7 to 14 Days)
  4. Product Arrive to Amazon Warehouse (10-30 Days)
  5. Month 1: Sales Start Happening
  6. Month 2+: We Pay You Profits %
Our typical ROI for clients is 8-14 months but please note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Unforeseen events could occur that might alter the timeline above. However, we will do our best to follow this timeline to help you make money fast, which is ultimately how we profit as well.
It's crucial to keep in mind that all the timelines and expectations we discuss are based on when we receive your documents. If it takes you six months to provide us with the required documents, the results may take longer than the timeline we've mentioned here. Therefore, it's essential to calculate the timeline and expectations from the date you submit all the necessary documents, rather than the date you sign up with us.
We want to emphasize that meeting these expectations is dependent on your ability to provide us with the documents we request in the PDF file we send you on the welcome email. We cannot guarantee the timeline or results if we do not receive the necessary documents on time. Therefore, we ask that you take the time to gather all the required information and submit it to us promptly to ensure a smooth and timely process. This approach is fair to both our company and team and will enable us to deliver the best possible results for your business.
At the end of the day, it's important to recognize that starting any business requires an initial investment, and ours is no exception. We view our program as a genuine business opportunity that can be a valuable asset to those who are willing to commit the necessary resources to get it off the ground. Similar to opening a physical business, buying a franchise, or pursuing a degree, there is a cost associated with getting started.
We do not disclose our pricing upfront, as we believe it is important for potential clients to have a full understanding of our program before discussing costs. That is why we require interested parties to complete our Case Study, FAQ & POA videos before having a conversation about pricing. This approach allows us to provide real value to you and ensures that you have a clear understanding of how our program works. We believe that it is only fair to build value before discussing fees, rather than providing a price tag that may not make sense without context.
We are confident that our fees are among the lowest in the industry, while our profit splits are among the best. Additionally, we provide our clients with peace of mind by offering buy-back assurance and the "100K in sales or work for free" guarantee. We view our clients as partners and are invested in their success. While it does require an investment on your part, we believe that the potential returns are well worth it. This could be a life-changing opportunity for you and your family, and we want to ensure that we're helping you achieve your goals every step of the way.
The partnership fee we require is essential to help cover some of the necessary expenses we incur as a business. In order to maintain our services, we run ads, hire employees, enrolment advisors, customer service representatives, utilize software, and incur other expenses.Chances are, you discovered us or got to know about our company through advertising. While we're thrilled to present this incredible opportunity for you to learn about us, it's essential to understand that at the core, this is a business, and we need to offset our costs.
Although we do make some profit from the partnership fee, it is a small amount compared to the profits we generate from the profit split with our clients. We want to emphasize that the partnership fee is a crucial investment in building a successful and lasting partnership with us. It also serves as an indicator of your commitment to working with us. For our Turnkey All-In-One package, our aspiration is for our clients to achieve 100K+ per month in working capital. This allows us to collaborate and elevate your business. Our team will then connect you with new suppliers and partnerships. We earn by taking a share of the store's profit.
The more you pay, the more invested you will be in this business. We firmly believe that paying for the fee demonstrates a level of seriousness and commitment that is vital to the success of any business partnership. Offering this service for free would likely result in a lack of commitment from most stores, leading to a lower chance of success. In the past, we provided our packages at no cost to 60 clients. However, only one of them managed to complete all the necessary documentation and grant us full access, taking over 7 months to do so. Contrastingly, our paying clients are far more committed; they typically complete everything within just one month on average.
However, we understand that the partnership fee may not be feasible for everyone to pay upfront. Therefore, we do offer financing options to assist you in paying the fee in a way that works best for you. It's crucial to emphasize that if the partnership fee isn't within your budget, this business might not be the right fit for you. We don't want to exacerbate any challenges you're currently facing. You understand your circumstances better than we do. While we will provide alternatives, it's essential to recognize that setting up a business takes time. You should ensure that you can maintain your lifestyle and expenses without relying solely on the income from this new venture.

It's important to keep in mind that building a successful business is not a sprint, but rather a marathon. We highly recommend taking a closer look at the questions previously asked, specifically "how much money can I really make with this" and "what are the realistic expectations with this opportunity." Doing so will provide you with a better understanding of the potential profits and ROI.

To achieve long-term success, it's essential to have patience and be willing to wait at least 12 months to see the results you're looking for. Building a thriving business takes time, effort, and dedication.

Regarding the ROI, typically, it takes around 8-14 months from the time you provide us with all the necessary documents. This timeframe allows us to thoroughly review your information and setup your store. It's important to keep in mind that while we strive to provide accurate estimates, the ROI can vary based on a variety of factors, such as market changes or business practices. By approaching this venture with a long-term perspective and realistic expectations, you'll be better equipped to build a successful business that yields long-lasting results.

We're thrilled to welcome you to our company and can't wait to help you become our next success story! Before proceeding, we highly recommend watching the case study located at the top right corner of this page if you haven't done so already. This video will give you a better understanding of how our business model works.

After watching the case study, it will prompt you to book a call with one of our enrolment advisors. During the call, we'll discuss your objectives and expectations to determine whether our business aligns with your requirements and goals. If our team concludes that you're a suitable candidate, we'll provide you with an agreement to review and sign.

Once the agreement is executed, and the necessary funds have been transferred to us, we'll send you a welcome email containing a PDF file with the steps you need to follow. The PDF will guide you through the process of setting everything.

We're excited to have you on board and look forward to working together to achieve your financial goals!